Awesome Exam Confidence Suite


Three recordings for 1 low price.

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Welcome to the Awesome Exam Confidence Suite of Recordings!

1-Awesome Exam Confidence.mp3 is the full length recording that contains all the necessary warnings, instructions, and  suggestions.  If you are new to hypnosis, you definitely want to start here.  Listen to it for a few days, and when you’re ready, move on to the next, meaner, leaner recording.

2-Awesome Exam Prep.mp3 is an abridged recording that has only the suggestions relevant to you daily efforts to keep up with studying.  You will use this recording for the majority of your time.

3-Awesome Exam Performance.mp3 contains the remaining suggestions relevant to test day.  Switch to this recording about 1 week prior to your exam date and listen to it daily.

This product is intended to be made available to students of Habeeb Rahman’s Awesome Board Review free of charge.  Please refer to the post card you were given in class and go to the website listed therein to obtain the super secret coupon code that will give you the 100% discount.

  • Good luck on your test!


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